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I had a dream where every person, at exactly midnight on new years following their 22nd birthday, they possessed the body of their soulmate and people ran around trying to figure out who they were so that they could find eachother, and they left notes for the body’s owner to find with their address. And there were some language gaps so people had to translate it and travel to different countries carrying the notes they were left, and it was great

write a book right now


they call them “goosebumps” because there are little, tiny, microscopic geese living inside of you and when you’re in a cold place they think they have reached the north and they all try to get out


I agree so hard


I agree so hard


if you dont like me please dont pretend to like me ever


#[disney princess interlude plays in the distance]


Part Two here

Absolutely amazing comic by randomslasher that I coloured with her kind permission.


Part One here

Absolutely amazing comic by randomslasher that I coloured with her kind permission.


i love how much bobby dismisses dragons like haha stupid dean you believe in dragons? thats a supernatural creature igjit